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Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Health. Stress Management. Self.

Let's face it, in today's world we are stressed. We run from place to place, activity to activity, meeting to meeting with little down time. And when we do have downtime, our minds are racing a mile a minute with things we must do. This can all be both mentally and physically exhausting. So much so, that sometimes we don't know where to turn. And all we want to do is collapse.

At Lehigh Valley Martial Arts our goal is to help increase your energy and reduce your stress by exercising the mind and body simultaneously through Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a martial art and discipline that provides individuals with increased mobility and a strong essence of physical and mental health. Our classes teach:


Slow and methodical movements strengthen your muscles and tendons giving your body the chance to support the structure of your skeletal system. This prevents falls and injury.

Stress Relief

The meditative qualities help to relieve stress through purposeful concentration on a movement or posture. Developing this concentration allows your mind to redirect your thoughts to a place of peace and harmony.

Reduced Back Pain

The movements of Tai Chi open and close your joints and spine. When your joints and vertebrae open, the repairing fluids are able to enter the area, helping the joints to heal and remain healthy.

Integrate Mind & Body

The practice of Tai Chi systematically encourages the mind to connect with the body through focusing on movement and postures, thus allowing you to take notice of the connection between mind and body. Being aware of this effect causes your mind and body to integrate and begin working together.

Good Health

The movements keep your body strong while energetically working in a positive direction. Your body feels more alive and well.

Through the low-impact, highly effective practice of Tai Chi, we are able to achieve health and happiness plus simple and effective practices for stress management while making new friendships and strong personal connections.

Our Tai Chi lessons are suitable for both beginners and experienced martial artists. You'll learn in a group setting alongside other adult students and instructors with more than 18 years of experience.

No matter what background you're coming from, we're ready to teach!

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Tai Chi

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